Made some changes :) Which one guys?

  1. starlordsquill said: 1st, 3rd or 4th lol
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  3. ruby1108 said: Definitely the last one!
  4. steelthornss said: the third one :)
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    So apparently I don’t know my left and rights. I meant the left side.
  6. tallblondeviking said: Last one is perfect. :)
  7. bldskr said: the first and the fourth, especially the fourth – love the crown!
  8. mrich said: I like the bottom two.
  9. sassyanddelightful said: I like the bottom two!
  10. down-in-the-rabbit-hole said: oh! This time I prefer the last one.
  11. laaltakath said: #4 ;)
  12. farovermistymountains said: 4th one!
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